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Keshava Alur

Software Engineer and a skilled Data Engineer with a backgorund in Data Mining & Data Warehousing. Enjoy working in an Agile based Project built on LEAN principles or anything that invloves "Data".



Based in Bengaluru, India, designs, develop and maintain tailor-made online solutions of all shapes and forms, from websites to applications, usually involving databases and a skilled Data Engineer. The objective is to make the internet a valuable tool for the wider audience.

Personal Information

  • Name : Keshava Alur
  • Email ID : iyngrs@gmail.com
  • Address : Bengaluru, India
  • Nationality : India
  • Interest : Classical Music
  • Experience : 2+ Years
  • Website : keshavalur.com
  • Phone : (+91)9886-734-989

Tech Stack

Data Engineering



Development is about taking decisions - macro and micro. Whilst i'm in charge of the solution, you are the specialist of the problem at stake. As such, you will be involved during the whole process and not just for validation.

Study the Problem

In order to get a thorought understanding of the needs, I'll bombard with questions and together agree on the business objectives, measurable success criteria and planning for the project.

Work on solution space

For any project to be successful, we need to put the target audience's satisfaction at the center of the game. Then, we analyze needs, expectations and motivations using foreseen project.

Content Strategy & Information Architecture

People won't come to a website to admire its pretty colors. They'd come looking for content, services & unique bits that are meaningful to them. It's called "data first" approach

Design the User Experience

At this stage in the process, be ready to shape the solution: starting from the users' needs, gather the content and mock up the screens that will compose their user experience.

Development and Testing

Perfectly optimized design that should now connect to the backbone i.e database. The use of opensource packages or, develop a custom solution that is perfectly adapted to the needs.

Go Live

Your baby is alive and kicking. Get you up to speed with Data driven Analytics. A problem occurs?Hear within six hours at max. With this peace of mind, you can now focus on doing what you do best.


Why Me!

A unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that can do better than anyone else in the whole world and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.

Object Oriented Programming
Data Engineering
Web Development
Data Analysis

 3+ years in Software and Data Engineering

Collaborated 5+ Projects Successfully Done!


Professional Experience

Node,js based Web development, re-engineering, usability testing, data analysis, data wrangling, project coordination, consulting.

2018 - Present


Software Engineer

• Development of fulfillment application store side module to support store wide queries helped reduce 40% of questions from the store side using Node.js.
• Developed Client side billing application for using C# and MySQL a web based portal with integrated custom Power BI Dashboards.
• Created automated use cases for repetitive and monotonous tasks using UiPath and .NET
• Node.js, C#, Informix, Cassandra, Splunk, ElasticSearch, UiPath
• Developed Automation tasks for retail client for ITSM Tools using UiPath that are repetitive over time and the logs collectively viewed through Kibana.
• Created a use case for retail client using JDA for repetitive tasks and scheduling them for automating the tasks used repetitively using C# on MS Visual Studio. Time Taken to complete a sample set when compared to manual work was reduced more than 150% post automation.
• Part of the team conducting UAT of Prescriptive Analytics based tool also, have been part of numerous Retail Client visits and handled the functional Role of demonstrating Retail Industry based assets.

2017 - 2018

Ernst and Young


• I was involved in developing automation sequences of various phases of Tax using UiPath for efficient Automation through various exception handling involved. Developed automation tasks using UiPath by working with end users without the need of BA and gathering the requirements without any hassle by avoiding late exceptions. The methodology used was agile with daily scrum meetings with Tax team and Developers with testing happening on real time.
• One of the phase automated had resulted in reducing time taken by more than 40%. Skilled on Power BI, Tibco Spotfire, Excel Functions for automating Billing activities.


My Work

Below are some of the work that I have done. Websites tagged to social are for a cause of providing an address for NGO's on the internet and GuruKool is a work in progress Student Management System which is under work.



Not all things are taught at universities nor all things taught at universities are utilized in daily life. Computer Science is my only interest.

Master of Computer Applications, Bengaluru, VTU 2015-17

Learned Data Mining and Warehousing through holistic research based approach with Java and C# being the Object oriented langugages upskilled.

Earned Bachelors degree in CS. Leanred web based full stack coding and basics OOPS and Algorithms.

Certified Data Engineer from Google and experienced in Google Cloud and Kubernetes.


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  • Bengaluru, India
  • (+91)9886-734-989
  • (+91)9886-734-989
  • iyngrs@gmail.com
  • www.keshavalur.com